Fernando Aracena

Fernando Aracena

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Username * fer3d
Country * Bolivia
City Cochabamba
Nationality Bolivian


Availability: Freelance
Website www.fantasyalacarte.com


I have been doing freelance work for about 10 years. I studied Advertising at a US university and later became interested in 3d. I create artwork for advertising agencies, low cost previsualizations for small independet film companies, covers for sci-fi and children books, animation for television, and 3d illustrations for comic books. I even take jobs from customers who want a personalized 3d illustration to use as their computer wallpapers.

Much of what I do is also for personal enjoyment and exploration of the possibilities of 3d illustration.

My customers included LAB (The largest commercial airline in the country), international trade fairs and TV stations. I created several animations and designed sets for one of the largests TV networks of this country (Bolivisión). Advertising agencies from Europe and independent small movie companies currently hire me to do some "outsourcing" of their workload. The difference in prices for approximatly the same kind of work is VERY significant, due to the low costs we have in Bolivia.

I teach 3d at the Central University (Universidad Central) of Bolivia, and have been lecturer in several workshops, national and regional.


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